Digital Learning In Local & Global Context

Over the course of the last few weeks I have reviewed, evaluated, and researched information regarding my innovation plan. Many of my ideas and plans were thought out effectively but, since we researched what worked, what didn’t, and how better effectively it could have been done it has mad me re-evaluate my plan.

During my scope of research I have put much thought process into what I could do to make my plan better. Not only did I effectively look at the research of institutions and reflect on it. I also, put thought into the ones that really needed to be changed in my initial innovation plan. I recently, made changes to dates on my innovation plan and also, took much information that needs to be implemented when integrating eps into respiratory care. Also, I developed a call to action to represent the need for e-portfolios and what went wrong and how we can do it better.

During, all of this research and reflection you can see my thoughts and beliefs on what I could do better effectively in my program to implement eps. I have put much thought and planning into this plan and would like to make an effective change for my students for them to learn. You will find my beliefs on all the research on my implementing innovation strategies page.

All of this research is sure to help my plan become a better effective strategy for my students implementation. Therefore, they can become better learners and students because we have ensured all possible barriers will be crossed before integration.

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