Digital Citizenship Resources


Essex, N. L. (2016). School law and the public school: A practical guide for educational leaders. (6th ed.)

` (pp. 107-110). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.  Essex_Bullying.pdf

Hinduja, S. & Patchin, J.W. (2015). Developing a positive school climate: Top ten tips to prevent bullying

and cyberbullying. Cyberbullying Research Center. Hinduja_Patchin_School-Climate-Top-


Lenhart, A. (2015). Teen, social media and technology overview 2015. The Pew Research Center.

Retrieved from


Polgar, D. R., & Curran, M. B.F.X. (2015). We shouldn’t assume people know what digital citizenship is.

 Retreived from


A resource to help distinguish the difference between copyright and trademarks:

The Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education:


Ryan Halligan’s Story:

Kylie Kenney’s Story: (note: Since this article was written Utah has passed a Cyberbullying law)

Cyberbullying Research Center website:


Nicholas Negroponte: A 30-year history of the future
Duration: (19:44)
User: TED – Added: 7/8/14
Duration: (1:08)
User: Common Sense Education – Added: 8/12/13
Duration: (3:36)
User: Common Sense Education – Added: 9/4/14
Duration: (2:58)
User: FriendlyScreens – Added: 2/24/11
TEDxGoodenoughCollege – Lettie Ransley – Copyright in the Digital Age
Duration: (12:56)
User: TEDx Talks – Added: 7/5/11
copyright photostory. wmv
Duration: (3:04)
User: n/a – Added: 3/8/10
Duration: (4:44)
User: Antone Piculell – Added: 4/25/13
Being 12: The Year Everything Changes
Duration: (7:25)
User: WNYC – Added: 3/8/15
Cyberbully Short Film
Duration: 5:01
User: n/a – Added: 4/24/16
High School Student Charged as Adult in Sexting Case
Duration: (3:32)
User: ABC News – Added: 9/21/15

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