A Call To Action: E-Portfolios

ePortfolios are student-owned, dynamic digital workspaces wherein students can capture their learning and their ideas, access their collection of work, reflect on their learning, share it, set goals, seek feedback and showcase their learning and achievements (Brown, Burns, McNamara, O’Brien, O’hara, & Poole, 2018).

Implementing E-portfolios into not only the respiratory care program but, eventually all of health careers at Angelina College would be an ultimate goal of mine. I believe eps give our students the power to use the COVA model that we have focused our learning around. I look forward to presenting this to my co-workers, program director, and administration to help improve our students learning through choice, ownership, voice and authentic learning. Below, you will view a video that shows ways others found E-portfolios to be successful and unsuccessful. As well as, how I plan to learn from others and ensure that we have everything in place properly for implementation to work out efficiently.

A Call to Action


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