Creating Significant Learning Environments

Throughout these last few weeks I have learned a lot about myself as a person, student, and educator. I believe I have had to think more about myself, what I want out of my students and learning throughout this course. It has helped me think more into what needs to be done to complete my innovation plan. I am still in the process of creating my significant learning environment. I believe I am on a better track since finishing this course. I think the peer to peer teaching that I provide in lab helps teach and my students learn. As well as, clinical simulation as I have one student act, one perform, and one watch/assist. Everyone is learning from each other.

While reviewing the learning philosophies I felt that I leaned more towards a constructivist approach. I like to push my students to critically think through new innovative ideas and technology. I want to keep my students engaged and always loving to learn. I am blessed to have a program director that is supportive in the way I approach and teach my students.

While in this course I learned how to create a three column table and ubd goals. I really enjoyed learning how to create both of these. I do not have education in my background. My undergrad is in Agriculture Development and I have an Associate in Respiratory. Therefore, going into education I have learned to teach my students from myself. I have built everything from scratch. That is why I chose a program in education to help me learn to be a better educator. I love that I now have a new way to learn how to structure my courses better and to stay on tract. I found that the three column table was actually more interesting to me and will help me with my alignment of my courses.

Thinking back to the first course I took in the Summer all I can think about is the growth mindset plan. I believe without ever being introduced to the growth mindset I would not be where I am at today. It seems just a few short months ago to some but, it was many to me. I think this book changed me as an educator. It helped me look into some of my students minds and understand why they were learning the way they were learning and why I was not breaking through to them. I believe I have made the change as an educator I stated I would and continue to change. I hope I continue to help others with the growth mindset as well as my students love to learn again like my five year old loves to learn.

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