Digital Learning & Leading

This page represents my journey through me achieveing my M. Ed. in Digital Learning & Leading from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Throughout this program you will see my growth and changes as I develop and implement changes in a key course in my actual program for Respiratory Care Program. I am currently, half way through to achieving my master an I can already see a change in my education as well as, how I instruct my students in their learning. I am hoping to develop and implement changes for my Fall course completely. With, little time due to my busy schedule as a Clinical Director, instructor, mom, student, and taxi to all games. It is hard to find the time to work on the reconstruction. I am hoping my goals set forth through this program will help me set an ease of time for the Fall of 19.

Therefore, click here and watch me grow as an instructor.


Jessica Hudnall BS, RRT