Developing Effective Professional Learning

I have reflected over the last month on how I could make better use of professional learning and put a plan into action for my innovation plan to be implemented effectively. Since, reading and reviewing the 5 effective principles of professional development it has given me great insight on what needs to be done to make sure my colleagues are engaged and not forgotten. Therefore, you will see in my call to action video how the need for my training is now and will follow with a plan to ensure everyone will not leave with my handouts lost in their piles of paperwork on their desks. I have began to develop and implement a very strategic outline with many different artifacts, ideas, videos, links, and dates that will guide the learner. The outline will allow everyone to know where we are at in the rehearsal, implementation, review, and the evaluation process of our professional learning. With this in place I know my E-Portfolio innovation plan cannot fail.

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