Am I Ready to Implement my Innovation Project?

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I am still in the phases of almost implementation. I know this sounds bad. By almost, I mean everything is ready to go but the action has not been put into place for the students to develop their e-portfolios. There has been many changes taking place on our campus and with the transition of many different platforms and integrations all of the extra time has been spent on that. I know what I want to do when I want to do it and how I want it done. So, I need to do it. I need to implement e-portfolios as beginning stages in Spring of 2020 as I originally hoped for. But below you will see reasons for why implementation might or should be delayed. For now, I have little help with anything that I am doing. I have to create, run, and monitor respiratory simulations. I manage, oversee, monitor, advise, and evaluate all clinical data. I attend meetings sometimes at least three times a week, and I have lecture courses that are different subject each semester. I have been overwhelmed to take on yet a new project.

Therefore, throughout the summer and this last semester I have looked into ways to make my project work for my students, program, and myself in such a busy time. I took a look at my current resources and what my students utilize at this point for reflection, or if we have anything at all. I then realized I am already having my students journal once a week about their experience at clinical. The only issue I have with that is they are not getting feedback like I hope from their instructors. I spoke with the instructors and decided to do a once a month reflection for the students about their clinical experience and a reflection of their simulation each time they attended. Below is the system that we use to record all of our clinical data:

Administrator Home Screen
Administrator Home Screen
Student’s Submission Block/Clinician’s Feedback Block/Clinical Director’s Feedback Block
Student’s reflection for the month of September
Student’s Reflection on September’s Simulation
Our new Sim Baby on Bubble CPAP

I decided to go to a once a month reflection for the clinical, due to the instructors waiting till the last day to approve the summaries. I believed the students were wasting all of their time and thoughts into something and not receiving any type of direction or feedback on their thoughts. Therefore, if they had less to look over or give feedback on it would allow them to give them better feedback on their month. We could also see who needed help or is struggling or had real thoughts about their clinical experience. Above you see a student break it down by week. I really wanted an entire summary of her month. Possibly what caught her eye, what she got to experience that she will never forget, or that one thing she learned that didn’t know about. My one goal with my innovation plan was to use it as a reflection tool. I believe that this is currently doing that, but ultimately I would like it to be a resume for the students.

As you can see the above website provides much needed data for my program and students. They pay $120.00 for use of the site. It houses and stores all of their competencies, evaluations, journals, clock hours, and numerous other capabilities that we can utilize. This has made me rethink my innovation plan again after I began more heavy into simulation. This program is housing most of what I would like my students to do with e-portfolios. And they are required to do these things through our accrediting board. If I began e-portfolios will they be doing repetitive work or will I be able to tie them together? I have been thinking about this.

Scary Simulation 2019

I have spent most of my time focusing on simulation and how it is improving our program outcomes. We spend a very detailed time debriefing with the students after simulation. That is why I decided to have them make a detailed reflection on their learning for that day. They were very scared and uncomfortable with the thought of a possibility of it becoming public. Therefore, I believe if we have them start with reflections via clinical trac and instructors providing feedback their we will see how the e-portfolios will work for the program. Having a pilot group this summer try e-portfolios for reflection and feedback for clinical data and simulation seems to be a better target date then starting full implementation in January 2020. And full implementation date Fall of 2020.

I’ve honestly thought I should have looked more into flipped classroom or other technologies. I currently use flip classroom but I did not realize it till I started this program! My students do all of their homework, quizzes, and assignments outside of class. When they come into my class they should be prepared for lecture and be able to answer questions through pear deck, quizlet live, or kahoot.

My biggest passion and focus right now is simulation. The lab coordinator and I work on and develop simulations. Our lab currently uses Laerdal manikins with the Leap and Sim Pad Plus programs. We are capable of doing and manipulating the manikin to act and perform almost every disorder, trauma or disease process we would like. I spend 50% of my week working on simulation and building the respiratory simulation program. I want the e-portfolios to be their reflection point for the students and others model this action.

At this time I still do not believe my staff is prepared to make the reflection point successful. Also, my staff is constantly changing since they are part-time. They come and go from each semester, so it is sometimes hard to find one who is consistent and will want to continue the success that I am looking for in my students. I want to see how this semester goes and their reflection on clinical trac is before implementation. In my call to action video:

My implementation project will not be successful if I cannot get everyone on board. My clinical instructors tend to not provide the students feedback online like they need. I am testing the waters to see where I need to go from here. If I need to try clinical trac and put reflections for simulations on there so the students will be provided proper feedback for now, we will use that as our starting point.

canva design e-portfolio implement

I have learned so much throughout my innovation project. I do know I want e-portfolios for my program, it is just when do I want them. Most importantly, I feel I should have did a little more research on e-portfolios and to see if they would ultimately work for the respiratory program. I also learned that I should have looked into simulation as my innovation project and how I really need a more laid out plan for simulation goals set for funding and implementation into the program. I will know when I start my next project to make sure that I look more into the essentials for the project before implementing it to the school.


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  1. Great post!!! Lots to think about.

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    > Jessica Hudnall BS, RRT posted: ” Image by Manfred Steger from Pixabay I > am still in the phases of almost implementation. I know this sounds bad. By > almost, I mean everything is ready to go but the action has not been put > into place for the students to develop their e-portfolios. Ther” >

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