Digital Citizenship

Final Reflection

Throughout EDLD 5316 I have learned that digital citizenship should play a very important role in my life not only personally, but professionally. I must be aware of the way I handle myself when reacting or posting information in the digital world. It is also, very important for me to convey this information to my students, so they will become good digital citizens as well. I believe that my biggest accomplishment in this course is being able to juggle my current everyday life with the busy day to day work that is involved with this course and still coming out with an A. My other courses were very challenging, but this one seemed to be very busy. I have faced many challenges with this course. I was not able to attend but one of the actual video conferences due to my son or daughters baseball or softball schedules. This is the first time in any course this has conflicted, and I felt I was struggling because I was not able to ask questions if I needed to. It made my work seem a little more challenging because my schedule was so busy this past five weeks.

If I had to pick something that I put a lot of time and effort in I believe it is my culminating presentation. I believe this is my best work because I put a lot of time and effort into making it flow appropriately. I learned what aspects of the nine elements were important to my program and what I needed to focus on with my students in orientation. Also, how I would like to present this slideshow to them at that time. If I had to look back at one thing that connects to my outside experiences in this course, it would be digital footprint. I have constantly told my step-kids, niece, and nephew as well as, other young teenagers always watch what you are putting out there on the internet. Even if it is Snapchat and it disappears in 24 hours. You do not know right now who you are going to be in ten years. You might be a doctor, lawyer, mom, dad or a politician. Those posts that you thought now at the age of 14 or 16 were harmful or were minimal might affect you or someone else years from now. It was good to look at mine and I believe this is something I will have my students do so they can see what future employers might do before they hire them.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I believe that they nine elements of digital citizenship has had the most impact on my learning in this course. I will take more from that than anything that I have learned throughout 5316.  To be shown what digital citizenship is and how important it is for us to teach our students has been a great aspect of this course. My favorite aspect of this course was completing case studies. I relate to that; we do these in health careers to learn how to treat our patients. It helped me learn what was right and what was wrong. I believe if there were more of these throughout the program it would help the student learn and put them in the situations.

This course requires a lot of time and focus. I am about to enter my last course and by far this one has seemed to be different than any of the courses that I have taken. It seems a little busier. I recommend having time to spend each night on one topic would help you successfully complete this course. If I had the time and resources, I would like to change my culminating presentation. I wanted to do a voice over as I normally do on all my presentations. I am not capable of doing that at home, since I am not in the office. My laptop is having speaker issues and it fades in and out. Therefore, I made it to where I could work through the presentation with my students and they could have the notes as well.

If I had a chance to speak to my friends about this course, I would let them know that they should be very aware of what their children are doing on their phones and online. Protect their kids and keep them off social media for as long as they can. If they play online games or play games such as Fortnite with friends in a chat room keep them off of the chats. Or monitor what they are doing. Make sure you are asking your kids questions, be aware of what your children are doing.

Throughout this course I have learned how to become a good digital citizen. This will help me teach my students to be better digital citizens and make myself accountable. During the first week I was introduced to digital citizenship and the nine elements. Next, I created a video about the technological advances in digital citizenship. Then we took a look at what kind of digital footprint have we left behind and how to clean it up to make it more presentable. We then looked at how you need to think before you share and the fourth week we learned about cyberbullying. I have also, posted some resources from my learning from the past five weeks. I will use these to teach and reflect on. All these aspects have taught me how to become a better digital citizen.