Planning: Action Research in Respiratory Care

Action Research Plan

The main focus while conducting my action research plan is to review student created e-portfolios for Respiratory Care education. I decided on e-portfolios after creating my own portfolio online via WordPress for the EDLD Master’s program. I have enjoyed creating and learning from building my platform. It has compiled my learning from course to course and I have used it as a reflection tool, as well as a place to store assignments and blogs as an ongoing resume. After, doing many different literature reviews that focused on the advantages, disadvantages, barriers, or what has worked with e-portfolios I believe that implementing this program into respiratory education would be beneficial to the students.

Therefore, the purpose of the research was to determine if student created e-portfolios, an authentic learning platform used to enhance engagement, will allow for the development of blogs and vlogs presentations, clinical competencies and ease of feedback for instructors. Also, will it provide reflection from semester to semester, a source bank to study for exams, and for resumes post-graduation. The purpose of my research focuses more on respiratory care students and how reflection is used via e-portfolios.

Does the use of student created e-portfolios, in higher education by respiratory care students provide reflection from semester to semester to help retain course and clinical information, provide as a study guide for exams, and provide a source to prospective employers as a resume? When searching for sources during the research it was limited to reflection and would the students be able to use the information posted on the e-portfolio each semester to either review for upcoming exams or rely on it to refresh their memory from semester to semester. Also, I looked at the information that would be posted by the students and how it could be built to provide for an ongoing resume for prospective employers post graduation.

The design is qualitative because the goal is to observe the problem by way of generating narrative. I chose qualitative data due to the fact of the nature of my question. I also only have twelve students in each year such as, one group is first year students and the other is the second year students (they become 2nd year in the Fall) about to graduate in the Spring. I usually see them almost everyday since they are a very small group. I believe measuring them using qualitative data would give me the best outcome and information needed to complete my study. To measure the outcome of the research question, the following data will be collected and analyzed: Data analyzed from face to face interviews, google surveys, and evaluations from past and current students, as well as faculty gathered from the end of Spring semester. Data from google surveys and interviews will be entered and analyzed via excel spreadsheets based on the information received back from present, past students, and faculty from May semesters. I will send the surveys out at the end of the semester to the current instructors who will be providing feedback via e-portfolios, current students using them, and graduating students. I will then compile the surveys into an excel spreadsheet to analyze the data.

The literature review summary proven that there was no information of the development of e-portfolios into students in the respiratory care program for reflection and learning for their future development as a respiratory therapist. The primary purpose to develop e-portfolio is to provide a platform that provides students choice and voice in their learning, development, creation of projects via vlogs and blogs, and a place to showcase their learning for prospective employment. There was limited information on implementation of e-portfolios in medical students, nursing, and ancillary fields. Therefore, there will have to be a new approach to my study on respiratory care student created e-portfolios to provide reflection, feedback, and authentic learning.

The following will show the steps and timeline for the research study:

  • Implementation of the Plan
    • The plan will be implemented Fall semester of 2019
    • 2nd year students entering their 4th semester. There are 9 students in that current group.
    • Clinical instructors will be creating their e-portfolios at this time.
    • This will allow time for training and instruction.
    • 1st year students will create their e-portfolios beginning of their 2nd semester in January 2020. There should be at most 12 students in that group.
  • Collect and Analyze the Data
    • Collection of the data will be at the end of the Spring semester, May 2020. Once, all the data is collected, the information will be analyzed by the end of May, first of June 2020.
  • Develop the Action Plan
    • During, Summer 1 session once all of the information has been analyzed the action plan will be developed and finished by July 2020.
  • Share and Communicate Your Results
    • Upon return of Fall 2020, the week prior to the semester starting there will be a short meeting with the Dean of Health Careers, Program Director of Respiratory Care, Director of Clinical Education of Respiratory Care, and Clinical Instructors regarding the results analyzed.
  • Reflect on the Process
    • During the meeting we will reflect on the process with the DCE and CI to analyze the feedback given by the students and instructors. At that time, we will reflect on what could have been done better, what could be done differently, and what was done right.

The following is an example of the google survey that will be used during the collect and analyze stage. Then the data will be exported into excel and analyzed via google sheets or excel.

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