Why teach?

What is my why? I am asked by many in my health field profession, why I chose to teach. Most of them cannot understand how I could take a pay cut or even how I could sit at a desk or lecture in front of a class.

First, when I considered teaching Respiratory Care, I thought of it as an opportunity to be more available for my family. My husband is gone sometimes for 30 to 50 days and I would work a 12 hour night shifts, come home pick up my son, and try to stay awake with him. But, after really sitting down to consider the change from clinical practice to education, I thought why would I stop the adrenal rush that working in critical care made me feel.  Therefore, why I teach is to help develop young adults or adults looking for their passion, into great Respiratory Therapist. I want to provide a better experience, encourage them to be their best, and help develop the best Respiratory Therapist in East Texas. When my staff and I think of how we want to teach our students, we think of at some point we are educating students in the future to either take care of us, our spouses, parents, and children.

I started developing my eportfolio with the growth mindset assignment. I feel like it is a work in progress. I am constantly trying to make it authentic to me. I believe it will reflect my beliefs more in nature, since the program uses the COVA method. We will have more opportunity to make the decision to make the decision on how we want our course work completed. Since, developing the wordpress site I have read a few blogs either related to my education field, the program, marriage, and mom information. I never knew wordpress existed until June, mine is a work in progress and I believe it will follow me beyond the program. I enjoy working on it each day to improve the look.

Since, starting this program a few short weeks back I can honestly say I have learned more than I thought and I have felt encouraged the entire way through it.  A lesson that I think I have learned that will go with me from this point forward is the growth mindset and how to communicate with your students. I feel like after reading the book, when simulation day came around, I felt when talking to my student who wasn’t improving it gave me better insight. I spoke with her to see what we could do to help her, she still was hesitant. Therefore, I decided when we return in the Fall she would have a plan to help her with critical thinking and hopefully get her on the right track. Yes, it is more work on me, but like I said my why is to create better Respiratory Therapists.

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