Simulation Reflection to Eps?

I have been researching journals or websites that really relate to what inspires my plan. I have also, look at some of their publications. I have been drawn to the Respiratory journals as they relate to my field the most. Below I have provided a two different journals regarding my field and how I would like my innovation plan to be incorporated with simulation.

One article I found when researching places to submit my work to was from AARC American Association for Respiratory Care{%22issue_id%22:%22580643%22,%22view%22:%22contentsBrowser%22} Feedback Isn’t A Dirty Word. I found this to be interesting as I have really pushed this on simulation and through my e-portfolio initiative. I find that feedback is key in health care. We need to make sure our students receive great feedback when saving others lives.  The next article relates to Using Simulation to Build High Performance Teams. The simulation coordinator she is a RN at Angelina College and myself RT have been working together to incorporate all fields of health care study to help them experience real life situations in a hospital and let show them teamwork. I believe this article will show using simulation will help our students through RN, RT, Radiology, Sonography, Pharmacy, and so on learn to build better communication as well as save more lives.  

I currently, do not have any partners that collaborate with me online. My program director carries his jump drive everywhere he goes. I sometimes do, but I tend to loose things. I started last semester using google sheets to share students clinical schedules online therefore, they would always have a live update of the changes. Although, I do use google drive myself and one drive. I house all of my work and school work on one drive that I am currently working on so that it is available to me from everywhere.

My innovation plan is to implement E-portfolios into Respiratory Care Education with the emphasis of feedback and reflection. I want to tie in simulation through the e-portfolios, and allow the students to use them as a reflection tool. I chose for my topic is to show how simulation in respiratory care education at Angelina College has engaged, stimulated, and proved for the need in our program. Before, I started here in 2016 there was simulation but the nursing program was the only program that would use it. I was introduced one day to the coordinator and she mentioned all the opportunities and I was unaware of the access we were allowed to have. Since then I have been an advocate for it. The lab has grown tremendously since then. We have been to numerous conferences and my program utilizes the lab more than any discipline. Being able to have access to situations that might not occur in a real life setting, will ultimately prepare the student for post graduation.

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