E-Portfolios: Planning for PL

My professional learning plan, consist of implementation of E-Portfolios initially into Respiratory Care but eventually, throughout health careers at Angelina College where I teach at. I have constructed my innovation plan that shows how important it will be for our program to establish E-Portfolios in the classroom. The attached outline for establishing a plan for PL represents the 3 column table as well as my disruptive instructional design model.

Implementation Video

My first thought was what could I do to catch my audience? What can I do to persuade them to jump on my side to be motivated about e-portfolios? Well, tell them the facts! I believe E-portfolios will take my students to the next level in our program and help them move on each semester and not forget information learned. With this video I hope other will see my view as well.

My video was made with Adobe spark and used their images as well as their music.

E-Portfolio Implementation Outline

Building an E-Portfolio While Learning to Become a Respiratory Therapist

Proposal Outline

Instructor turnover, limited available hours, and assessing are all factors to consider when integrating E-portfolios. The purpose of my plan to integrate E-portfolios into the Respiratory Care Program is to help have a learning platform to reflect back on, build a resume, and use after graduation to help reflect on information they need to study for their boards. This outline is the first step leading to e-portfolio implementation into my program. With the addition of free resources available to my students I think this will allow them to reflect back on their learning in an authentic way.

This proposal involves multiple phases, at this moment I cannot predict the best time for implementation. The students will have a choice and voice when creating their portfolios.

Link to: Implementation Outline

How to implement E-Portfolios into Respiratory Care

Dear Respiratory Care Program Director,

Currently, my Respiratory Care students utilize a program to track their clinical hours, doctor interactions, journal entries from their week at, as well as, competency check offs. Once they graduate the program they never access this information again. Therefore, I am proposing the use of e-portfolios to make their experience more authentic to them. They could use their e-portfolio platform to post their doctor interaction, journal entries, and competency check offs as blog, video, presentation, or whatever outlet they find best suited. They could reflect on this information, if they forget a procedure or information.

I’m proposing a solution that could make the student take ownership of their learning. As well as, creating a platform for them to grown throughout their two years in the program. They will be able to build their profile and take with them post-graduation as a resume.

I am proposing to initiate an e-portfolio in which:

  • 1st year students would be oriented on how to build their e-portfolios. Along with, literature, discussions, and videos to be posted on blackboard for guidance on “How to build your e-portfolio.”
  • I will give the student the power to choose which site they would like for their e-portfolio
  • The student would be able to build their site with their educational and clinical development.
  • Students could use their site to show achievements, credentials, certifications, and utilize it post-graduation as a resume.
  • Students would be able to access their e-portfolio after graduation to add accomplishments in their professional career as a Respiratory Therapist.

Do to the dynamic of the program the student would have little time to work on this in the classroom. We could dedicate eight hours during orientation days, while the rest of the time would be spent independently at home.  If we implement the e-portfolio their freshman year they will be able to apply the foundation from their first day of the program. They could build upon it and rely back to the information when they return each semester. It usually takes the students a couple of weeks to remember information after a long break. This could be used as a refresher and their learning hasn’t been lost.

I would like to propose that we add e-portfolios to the clinical course throughout the Respiratory Care Program requirement to track clinical and educational development. I believe this will engage and motivate students to be more creative in their learning experiences, in addition to, have a virtual resume to take with them after graduation.


Jessica Hudnall