How can I implement E-portfolios into my student’s learning of Respiratory Care?

After reviewing the assigned materials over the last week it has helped me understand what is expected of me, what I will get out of the DLL program, and why have an eP. At the beginning of the program I struggled so much with having the choice to learn and create what I wanted. Most classes I have took or I teach we get or give little choice. After, ending 5302 I really appreciated having the freedom to create my assignments the way it related to me. The COVA approach has provided me a new way to teach. I have already thought of different ways I could incorporate this in the Fall as far as projects goes.

I was really unsure of why we were creating a eportfolio. I believe the readings this week has really provided me insight to why I need the eP and why I should continue this after the program.  I have already started creating mine to relate to my profession in Respiratory Care and Education. My students are in my program for only 18 months and like most we do few projects and more testing. The reason for that is teaching them how to pass their boards. Therefore, there is little time for making their work personal to their lives.

After, reading over the materials it had me thinking how could I work with my students to create portfolios? I know there is a way and I would like to research before Fall when my new class begins. I noticed that there are websites available for elementary students and their parents to create portfolios. Therefore, I think I could use all the websites we have been suggested for my college students. I believe this would help them when they graduate and start looking for a job. It could show how they have grown as a student to a Respiratory Therapist as well as house their resume.

I believe that if I continue to use mine even after the program it will help me learn how to develop a plan for my students.

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