Developing My Action Research

After researching and developing the last two literature reviews over my innovation plan has shown me either the need for E-portfolios in my program or the lack there of in health career education. There is plenty of information over my topic to be found over e-portfolios but, little to be found over health care education in higher ed and little to none in respiratory care.

Therefore, I would like to begin my implementation for my students once they have been in the program for at least one semester. We currently use a data collection system for clinical that evaluates them, checks offs competencies, doctor interactions, and journals. My plan is to send my past and current students at the end of Spring semester google surveys, as well as conduct face to face meetings. Below, you will find an outline that shows the plan for my action research for implementation of e-portfolios.

Action Research Outline

    1. Focus: Student created e-portfolios for Respiratory Care education.
    2. Purpose: To determine if student created, e-portfolios an authentic learning platform to enhance engagement, develop blogs and vlogs presentations, clinical competencies and ease of feedback for instructors; provide reflection from semester to semester, a source bank to study for exams, and for resumes post-graduation.
    3. Research Question: Does the use of student created e-portfolios, in higher education by respiratory care students provide reflection from semester to semester to help retain course and clinical information, and provide as a study guide for exams, provide a source to prospective employers as a resume?
    4. Research Design: The design is qualitative because the goal is to observe the problem by way of generating narrative.
    5. Data to be Collected: To measure the outcome of the research question, the following data will be collected and analyzed: Data analyzed from face to face interviews, google surveys, and evaluations from past and current students, as well as faculty gathered from the end of Spring semester.
    6. Measurement Instrument(s): Data from google surveys and interviews will be entered and analyzed via excel spreadsheets based on the information received back from present, past students, and faculty from May semesters.
    7. Focus of Literature Review: The literature review will give a summary of the development of e-portfolios into students in the respiratory care program for reflection and learning for their future development as a respiratory therapist. The primary purpose to develop e-portfolio is to provide a platform that provides students choice and voice in their learning, development, creation of projects via vlogs and blogs, and a place to showcase their learning for prospective employment.


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