Learning Networks

For the last few years I have been a member of American Association of Respiratory Care and Texas Society of Respiratory Care. I follow them on many different social networks Linked In, Facebook, and recently Twitter. I am more of a consumer in the process of being a contributor. I use these outlets as reference tools to education, legislation, and trending issues/current events in Respiratory Care. I have shared information with my students and on Facebook  for others to view that are in my field. I plan on using more of the tools that the AARC has to offer such as, webinars and online training in the future.



I recently opened a twitter account to use for information not only in respiratory care, but to follow digital learning, technology, and education. Since, using it I have found many different organizations to follow that will help me with my program and students. I think it will be a great resource for me to use on a professional-education basis.


I looked at many other sites to become a part of but the one that I felt was the most interesting to me was edutopia. I really liked their topics. Most of them were for K-12 ed, but I felt I could incorporate some of the topics in my classroom. I also, like that their site is very easy to navigate, read, and stands out with the colors.


As of right now I feel that I am a consumer. I hope to use all these and become a contributor in the near future. I really think this is a start to me pushing technology and staying on top of what is new.  Also, staying current on topics helps me know where the future lies with how our students learn.

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