UBD Goals Vs. 3 Column Table

After, reviewing and creating the two different design plans I believe that the three column table is easier to construct. Although, I found the the UBD Goals wear very detailed oriented and time consuming. I found myself spending much more time working on this design. I also, found that it took much more thought process into the design but, helped me to realize what my students might need or want as a learner.  Coming from a background of health care and not education I found great insight into both of these designs. I enjoyed finding away to construct a course. Before now I have been working blindly and building things based on what I thought needed to be done. I believe these plans will help me not only become a better educator but will help me develop my innovation plan.

Below is my UBD Goals: 

When, developing my UBD goals I realized that it was making me think more into my course and what I needed to do to get the learner to engage. It wasn’t all about what I needed out of the course. I think it help me think more deeply. During, the three column table I focused on assessing and planning. I think it was great for setting up my course and I believe I will use this for each course I teach. The UBD goals will take much more time to construct. For my purposes I think Fink’s model is compatible for my course work. 


Fink, L. D. (2005). A self-directed guide to designing courses for significant learning. Retrieved                           from: https://www.deefinkandassociates.com/GuidetoCourseDesignAug05.pdf

Wiggins, G. & McTighe, J. (2006). Understanding by design. (2nd Ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ:                        Pearson Education, Inc.

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