Instructional Design Online Learning

My first week of Instructional Design and Online Learning course, I was asked to first find a LMS that was to my liking. I have been teaching courses online using LMS for the last three years. We use blackboard as our platform. It seems pretty easy to work through although frustrating at times, as anything does on the internet. I chose schoology to reconstruct my course I was working through in 5313. I hope setting up this account and building my course it will help me make the changes I was hoping and help in the long run with my innovation plan.

My course will be related more to the constructivism approach. I have been teaching a hybrid course for the last three years. With all the course instruction and assignments online. Face to Face time was for exams or hands on lab time. I used our time to learn more about what a Respiratory Therapist does and an introduction to how they do it. My department also, houses all assignments, quizzes, exams, on blackboard for all of our other courses. Although, we lecture face to face, have clinical, or perform labs with them.

I believe academically and professionally the instructor must have great knowledge of their subject to teach online, as well as, great knowledge of technology. I don’t think someone could teach online or perform blended learning without the prior knowledge of their subject, audience, or the technology that they are working with. Our campus is now offering quality matters courses for all online and hybrid instructors. I believe this is a great tool for them. 

When creating goals for my course I struggled with them. But, redoing my course completely was actually my first goal and recreating my online configuration for that course is where I needed to start. I believe this is going to help me fullfill my goals for my course. Online courses are different from your everyday face to face courses. You do not get to see your students like your others. But, you are constantly communicating via email, they are submitting assignments, and you receive emails. You are constantly getting correspondence. Therefore, it is rather hectic on your inbox. It takes an instructor who has good time management skills. 

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