Assessing Digital Learning & Instruction

Research, requires a good plan and a good plan needs to start with a great outline. If you create a good outline to start with you will be able to follow and it will make it easier when conducting you research. Before, conducting my action research I developed my action research outline that specified the steps of how I wanted to conduct my research, how I would like to analyze and review the information. Action Research Outline.

After conducting, my research it showed no research that involved e-portfolios and respiratory care education. I focused my research on reflection and there was little to none regarding health careers, it was mostly focused on education majors in higher education. This would be do to the fact that e-portfolios began with Education and English majors. Therefore, I will have to take a different approach on my study. I will have to focus on my students and their reflection approach. Action Research: Literature Review

Action Plan

Finally, I developed an action plan. I reflected on my action literature review that I conducted over e-portfolios and what I would need to do to implement the process. Above you will notice my timeline for implementation, development, and reflection on student created e-portfolios. Action Research Plan

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