Growth Mindset Plan

Currently, in my program as a Respiratory Care Clinical Director I face many challenges with adult learners who have been in a fixed mindset for many years. I also, struggle with having a growth mindset when communicating with students.

Carol S. Dweck has done many studies that show that a fixed mindset gives up easily, feels threatened by success of others, and they do not live up to their full potential. In a growth mind set education she found that the student will lead to the desire to learn, embrace challenges, learn from criticism, and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others. (Dweck 2006)

I would like to model the lecture by Eduardo Briceno with alternating the learning zone with building skills and performance zone where you apply skills. With alternating the two he suggested that they will hopefully stay in the learning zone. (Briceno 2016)

Below, is my growth mindset plan I have developed for my program as an instructor. With this plan it will help me become a better learner, instructor,  mom and wife.




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Dweck, Carol S. (Ph.D.). (2006-2010). How can you change from a fixed    mindset to a growth mindset. Retrieved from.                                                                                                                          

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