As I continue to find a way to create a significant learning environment I realize that this process is not easy there are so many things that I need to change and things I need to change in others such as their mindset.  I need to look beyond the course work. I have to look at every aspect of the program to make sure I am applying all of the practices to each course. I have been more focused on the clinical aspect of the program than the content aspect.

After reviewing  finks model on course design I realize there is more that I should be doing in my RSPT 1340 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology section that I teach in the Fall of the first semester for my students. I am finishing this course up this week and I have felt that this course out of all the course that I teach it is the one I really struggle with therefore, they struggle with it. This semester seemed even harder. Mostly, because I was short handed on clinical instructors and I had to physically teach clinical on course days therefore, I had to trade out more face to face time with internet assignments. In the end my students grades did not suffer and they felt they still got a great outcome but I felt they were short changed. Every Fall when this course comes back I feel as if it needs a change so, I think reviewing this course was a great idea. 

Using the following design guides have helped me create my specific course goals and align for the upcoming year. I have included my 
Learning Environment/Situational Factors Outline, Questions for Formulating Significant Learning Goals, and my BHAG Rather than use the Learning Outcomes 3 Column Table.


FINK, L.D. (2003) A self-directed guide to designing courses for significant learning.                                                San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


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