Student Created E-Portfolios RC

When I reflect back on Respiratory school, I remember little memories from clinical, lab, and lecture. What I do remember the most are the important things that I learned that helped me save the numerous lives since becoming a, Respiratory Therapist. There were many times we had fun while at clinical, but learning to me has always been fun when I am engaged. We were never allowed to be our authentic selves. Everything that we did during the program was by structure and structure only. Even the assignments structure: where this is how it is or you do not make a good score. We would have case studies once a year that we were allowed to pick a patient, but it must be in a structure and the presentation was how they wanted us to present it.

Memorial Herman PICU, 2012
Simulation Lab 2012

Now, that I have become an instructor over that same program I have learned that is not how we or students should learn. That is not the best way to encourage students in this era to be engaged and want to succeed. I still require that same case study to be done, because it must be done for our students to learn how to properly treat a patient. I believe the presentation needs to be changed up. That is what must come next.

Therefore, I would have never created an E-portfolio had I not chose this program. The thing that I have seen that would best suit my students with E-portfolios at first would be reflection. If they were able to reflect each semester on their assignments, blogs, vlogs, or presentations according to the COVA model, this would allow them to be more engaged and better prepare them for the next step each course. Like most programs, ours is builds each semester with their e-portfolios they could take a look back on what they learned to refresh their memories. The students could also use these as ongoing sources to add information collected to provide resumes to future employers. The instructors or faculty would also be able to use them to provide ease of feedback to the students. In healthcare, feedback is one of the most important resources a student or health professional can receive. We are saving lives! Our goal is to provide the best and upmost feedback to students to produces professional Registered Respiratory Therapist.

Instead of reflecting on books let’s use our online resources to engage our students

I have done numerous research on how E-portfolios would be the best fit for Angelina College’s Respiratory Care Program. The next step was the action research I recently created an action research outline. As well as, the Action Research: literature review on E-portfolios you will find below.

After conducting my research, I have found zero to no information regarding first Respiratory Care and E-portfolios, next Respiratory Care and Reflection. I had to go a broader subject of health care and even that is limited to few or little research. I will find myself doing a more detailed study on respiratory education and E-portfolios in the coming months.

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