Creating E-Portfolio, Which door do I chose?

As I reflect back on, discussions we have had in our EDLD 5303 course about how challenging it was to create the eP, I think of knowing which site to begin with, how hard it was to operate it the site at first, is my work ever done, and how to incorporate plug ins?

  1. Choosing a site: My first course in the EDLD program 5302 began the discussions of an E-portfolio and different sites that could be used. I first reviewed their advice on how WordPress might not be the easiest user friendly site out there, but it would give you more options down the road and throughout the program. I ultimately went straight to word press.
  2. Trying to operate the site: They were correct it was not user friendly at first. Technology is not really challenging to me and the more the challenge the more engaged I tend to be. Therefore, I was glad I chose word press. At first, it was really challenging on how to position posts as well as the storage limitations due to the free site. I knew right away I would not be able to run a free site I would have to pay for the site to help fuel all the information that I would be feeding it.
  3. Work in progress: Although, I am only in month three of my eP I feel proud of all that I have accomplished with it my site. It is starting to get easy to operate and navigate.
  4. Plug-ins: I haven’t really used these at this moment. I look forward in trying to incorporate these in the near future.

Therefore, I believe creating an E-Portfolio is very challenging and should not be took lightly. When looking for the right site to use take into consideration “what is it going to be used for?” Remember everything is not easy. And if it was everyone would be doing it. Try to think out of the box and try to challenge yourself when you look for a better you and representation of you.

Also, remember that someone has used this site prior to you. Therefore, the challenge you might face is the same one they faced in the past. Which probably means they have created a video for this challenge. There is so much information out there to help you improve everyday. Use your resources! Your eP will always be a work in progress. If you are really using it you will constantly make changes to it and updates. Good luck at choosing the right route to make your eP standout!

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