Learning a New Mind

I started my journey a few short weeks ago on my road to MEd. in DLL. I was not aware of the amount of information I would learn in five short weeks. I plan to use the information during the program to help me become a better learner as well as, an instructor.  Since, I did my undergrad work in Agriculture and then later went to Respiratory Care school; I had little background in educating others.

I never heard of the Growth Mindset Plan until beginning my Concepts of Ed Tech course. I believe that the growth mindset is a great outlook on how society has made it seem that being an “A” student automatically labels you smart. And if you do not continue to make an “A” you are not smart. I plan on using this concept during the program to know that any challenge that I face, is a chance to help develop into a better student and teacher. If I fail during that challenge I will take the constructive criticism and improve on my assignment.

I also, believe when using the COVA model in this program it will give me the choice to develop my own ideas that will allow me to use my voice and make it authentic to my health profession, learning, and education. I look forward to learning more about the failing forward strategies during the program.

I plan on incorporating my Learning Manifesto into my learning and when encouraging my students to learn through the COVA and Growth Mindset models. I have also, researched many new Learning Networks to help develop my digital learning and technology plans.


Learning Manifesto

I have been asked to create my Learning Manifesto for my Concepts of Ed Tech course in the DLL program. After, creating my Growth Mindset Plan and reviewing the basics of the COVA Model it has put some insight on how I could change the way I educate myself and students. This is the beginning piece to my E-portfolio. Below, is a video I created about my Learning Manifesto.


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Growth Mindset Plan

Currently, in my program as a Respiratory Care Clinical Director I face many challenges with adult learners who have been in a fixed mindset for many years. I also, struggle with having a growth mindset when communicating with students.

Carol S. Dweck has done many studies that show that a fixed mindset gives up easily, feels threatened by success of others, and they do not live up to their full potential. In a growth mind set education she found that the student will lead to the desire to learn, embrace challenges, learn from criticism, and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others. (Dweck 2006)

I would like to model the lecture by Eduardo Briceno with alternating the learning zone with building skills and performance zone where you apply skills. With alternating the two he suggested that they will hopefully stay in the learning zone. (Briceno 2016)

Below, is my growth mindset plan I have developed for my program as an instructor. With this plan it will help me become a better learner, instructor,  mom and wife.




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