Why Would I want to create an E-portfolio?

Why would I want to create an eP?

I believe that our eP is helping us develop and reflect on our learning. It will also, help with me remember why I am doing this and different teaching and learning styles I could provide to my students. Also, reviewing others ePs in my field will help me relate with them. I believe if I continue with my portfolio post program I can use this as a tool with my students and help them with their learning experience.

Having the capability to reflect back on my learning will help remind me to stay on the path. As our reading stated students sometimes forget from class to class what they have learned, if they had a portfolio to follow they could stack their learning on top of one another. The little things that might have been difficult to them and they might forget could be there for them to reflect on.

This tool would be excellent for my students as they enter their career in the health field. Not only for a resource or resume, but for a reflection to remember the little things that they might have forgot when the enter practice.

Also, being able to highlight social networks and getting feedback from others will help not only me but my students learning process.

2 thoughts on “Why Would I want to create an E-portfolio?

  1. I have used ePortfolios with my Computer Applications students. They really seem to love the ability to flex their creative muscles to create something that is unique to them. Because I teach basic computer applications, the students are pretty much just learning to use Office applications. But to make it meaningful for them, and allow them to have ownership, I have them research their dream career, map out an academic and career path that they help them to attain that dream job, The ePortfolio they create starts out with their resume, and becomes a showcase of their knowledge and skills… something they can use throughout their time in college and beyond.

    I think it’s great that you’re considering using ePs for your students… they are such a powerful tool, allowing students to reflect and to see their own growth, but also to demonstrate their skills and abilities. I plan on working with our faculty in the upcoming weeks to encourage more of them to use ePortfolios.

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