About me

Hi! I am Jessica Hudnall and I am employed at Angelina College in Lufkin, TX as the Respiratory Care Director of Clinical Education, as well as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT). I graduated high school from Huntington High School in, Huntington, TX 2001. Then went to undergraduate school at Stephen F. Austin State University and majored in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Development with a Minor in General Business. At the time, I thought I wanted to be an Ag Teacher but mid-way I changed my mind and my minor went from Education to Business. I graduated from SFASU in 2005. After graduation, the economy was down and there were few jobs in our town. I struggled with finding employment.
I met my husband and his four year old daughter and six year old son in 2009, we got married in 2010 and after being married for a year I decided to go back to school for Respiratory Therapy at Angelina College. My decision was based on a past experience when I was fourteen and I met my first RT. My dad once was in ICU post Uvolopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) surgery fail. He was then was trached for months. I then learned of respiratory and was interested in what they did at that time, but my parents always wanted me to focus on a four year degree. I was heavily involved in FFA and leadership that Agriculture was my main focus. But, now I have found my passion to be not only respiratory, but respiratory education. I have worked in long term care, NICU, ICU, ER, and acute adult care as a Registered Respiratory Therapist for over 6 years now.
I started teaching in 2016 here at Angelina College and really enjoy helping produce great RRTs. In the last two months of respiratory school we found out I was pregnant with my first child a crazy, fun loving, wild little boy. We have two boys and a girl together ranging from 16 to the age of 5. There is never a dull moment. Upon graduation with my AAS in Respiratory Therapy in 2013, I took my national boards and became a Registered Respiratory Therapist. After graduation, a job was always easy to find in our town in health care.

I was only a RRT for a short time before being approached to teach respiratory care at the college in 2016. With many thoughts and consideration I decided to take the position. It has been the best decision thus far in my career. I enjoy helping students find their passion and become successful. I have just completed my Masters in Education DLL it has helped me grow as a leader in digital tech as well as an instructor of education.

Currently, my passion is simulation and teaching critical thinking through simulation. I have found that it has been the best clinical experience to see strengths and weaknesses in the students.

Jessica Hudnall, ME.d RRT

sfa        SFASU Nacogdoches, TX 2001-2005 BS in Ag Development

angelina-college-logo-23238   Angelina College Lufkin, TX 2011-2013 AAS Respiratory Care

3922_lamar_cardinals-alternate-1997 Lamar University Online 2018-2019- MEd. DLL

You can follow my program, current students, prospective students, and past students journey on our face book page @ https://www.facebook.com/ACrespiratorycare/ . I have currently set up a page to help find prospective students and also inform the community on what we are currently doing in our program.