Disruptive Innovation in Technology: Implement E-Portfolios

After learning, what e-portfolios can do for education I have really learned the need for them in my Respiratory Care Program. Our students need to build their work from semester to semester. The program is a short eighteen months and once they are finished they have to pass their boards to work in their health field. Therefore, it is a fast paced program with tons of information thrown at them at once. If they had an on going platform such as an e-portfolio they could reflect on their learning, projects, possibly blog post, and videos that they post. I have proposed a plan that would work for our program
E-Portfolio Proposal

I believe that if I could get my director on board with my proposal we could implement this smoothly. I know this will take some time to implement as we take new students every fall and have returning students each fall. Therefore, it cannot be done right away. I have created an implementation outline to reflect a time to start with e-portfolios.
Implementation Outline

While, trying to decide if e-portfolios were right for my students and program I did a literature review over e-portfolios. I tried to decided the pros and cons. While conducting the review I could only find the pros. There were few cons when looking into the findings. E-portfolios shown many positive effects on students learning. Attached you will find my literature review:
Literature Review

I know many instructors and administrators are set on not changing there way of thinking or teaching. It is hard for them to be of the growth mindset. It is our job as educator to try to convince them that today’s generation is in an ever changing world. They have never known a day without technology and always had access to a phone or tablet. They have to understand that we have to approach them in a different way and teach them in a differently. Therefore, we have to provide them with the tools or technology that attracts their attention. I have made a video to attract my cohorts to my new technology e-portfolios. I want them to learn about this change and what it can do for not only health careers but for our students in higher education.
Implementation Video

I am currently trying to read Innovative University by Clayton Christensen and Henry Eyrning. I believe this book will help me with my higher education experience. As well as, Failing Forward by John c. Maxwell.

I believe e-portfolios would be the best platform for my program to reflect, build, give feedback with ease, and peer review for my students. This way they are learning with choice and voice. With this information I believe my cohorts, administrations, as well as my director would have the information they need to understand the need for the change in my program as well as for theirs.