Synthesis of Digital Learning & Leadership/Capstone

A walk through my journey in the Digital Leading & Learning at Lamar University


Below you will find m last project in the DLL program. I found out so many things about myself since beginning the program. I will miss this and love the fact I chose Lamar to receive my Master’s of Education in Digital Learning & Leading.

Concepts of Educational Technology: Where did it start? Not to long ago I was developing a new mind set which helped me understand a little more about the COVA approach to the DLL program. That is where I made my learning manifesto and how I should develop choice in my program for my students. I realized I was not following many or any learning networks. I only preferred personal networks at the time. After choosing to do so it helped me learn more technologies that I could adapt in my classroom.

Applying Concepts of Educational Technology: In my second course I was asked to create an e-portfolio. I have heard of these, but never really considered this for myself professionally or educationally. It really sparked my interest. So, it made me think why would I want to create a e-portfolio? Therefore, I have it is a good question if you are going to put them into action for your students then a good question to ask or understand is who owns them? Then the question came to me, why would I not want to implement e-portfolios into my student’s learning?

Why did I decide this field or this program? I felt when I was asked this question it was an easy one. Why Teach? I started to add resources to my profile throughout this course such as my book list and review applications for my learners to look back on and things we were using at the time.

Disruptive Innovation in Technology: After developing my own e-portfolio and learning what it could do for reflection and help with building my student’s resume I produced a e-portfolio proposal. After the proposal, there needed to be a thought out outline to help align the thought process to the implementation. Then I did my very first literature review. Who knew? I had no idea why we were doing this. The reason is because it helps you see if your plan is solid, will it work, has it worked, and why do you want to implement it. Then I needed to create a video to show and attract my cohorts to this idea. It was a short video to let them know why we needed this.

Leading Organizational Change: This course it changed everything and opened up the door! I remembered this assignment when asked what is my why? Why, How, What? Dr. Thibodeaux and I worked back and forth on how to get it precise to make it work for my program. I knew my why, I struggled to put it into play. She helped me so much in this course and to change me into the student/soon to be graduate I am today. Then we read the Influencer book that mentioned vital behaviors and the six sources of influences. Then we had the 4DX measures and compared it to the Influencer Strategy. What is our Wig and why? Great concepts to really get us to think on our implementation plans. Then there was the crucial conversations, I loved this book and how it is so important with our students and faculty. I deal with this every day. I had to give many students from different disciplines in an interdisciplinary simulation feedback. Sometimes that is uncomfortable for many, but it is apart of debriefing and the learning process.

Creating Significant Learning Environments (CSLE): This class was also another defining moment for me where we began to look into and start to create a significant learning environment. I have not thought about learning philosophies or behavioral philosophies since undergraduate school. So, many things have evolved since then and I have as well. it was great to look at it from a different perspective as the learner. Then we looked into Finks Model on Course Design and developed our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). The onto the fun part where we learned if we worked better with a plan starting from the big picture or starting with the plan from the beginning and working from there. I knew I have always been a big picture kind of person. Tell me where I need to be so I can figure out how to get there. We compared a UBD to the 3 column table. After working through all of this work it helped me realize how I was beginning to develop my growth mindset plan.

Instructional Design and Online Learning: This course could not have came at a better time. I had been needing guidance on how to set up my blackboard and make a better let and flow for students. I also needed help with one of courses that I struggled to teach and my students struggled to understand. I am currently following the platform that I have set up for this course this semester. We were first assigned to find a platform to set up our course or use schoology. I had mine set up already in blackboard but due to FERPA guidelines I could not use that for sharing. The first assignment was to set it up my course therefore mine can be found at A&P schoology. Each week we continued to build the course. I chose to put my entire course in there and went from week to week with assignments. This course was great for any online learner who for me that teaches online or hybrid courses, It was great to have help with showing me the best way to develop an online course and set it into play to implement it this Fall.

Developing Effective Professional Learning: This course was great. I have not even thought about developing my own professional learning for my co-workers or my staff. I know have the plan and information to use for the future. The thing I remember about professional learning when I go to sessions is that they are easily forgotten. That is why it was great to reflect on how to make it more memorable. Therefore, I developed a video showing how important it is that we would need professional learning for e-portfolios. Developing Effective Professional Learning course was wonderful to help implement e-portfolios.

Digital Learning & Local Global Context: We started this course off with a call to action video: about our innovation plan. Next I researched e-portfolios and developed a literature review showing what was done right, what could have been done better, and what lessons were learned. Then I developed my implementing innovation strategy.

Assess Digital Learning & Instruction: This course was very interesting, I have never thought of action research really. I have done a lot of research from my undergraduate studies, but none quiet like this. I really enjoyed this course. First, I developed my action research outline. Next, I was able to find my resources and develop my action research literature review. After, I did the research I began to develop my action research plan.

Resources in Digital Environments: Dr. Thibodeaux is once again pushing me to do my best in this course. I never thought of myself as a writer, blogger, or someone with something to say. This program has brought all of this out in me. First off we set up an edtech shelf, that was really neat. I have never heard of this before. Then we began working on our publication outline for submission to a journal to be published. I reflected on my simulation thoughts and how I believed that e-portfolios is still the way to go with using this tool. After our outline we began our rough draft, and of course we cannot post that do to if the journal picked it up for publication. We then came up with a public media project. Lastly, we were ready to finalize our article for submission for a grade. I realize I did not submit my right away. I have finally submitted mine and waiting to hear back from the AARC.

Digital Citizenship: Digital Citizenship was a much needed course. Although, I felt it was too busy for the normal work we were presented. It also was a very different course and I was not sure why they waited till the end of the program to present this to us. We have been presented with the COVA/CSLE approach for so long that normal everyday work seemed boring and repetative. I barely felt engaged. It then made me look back to how I was teaching my students once again and how I need to make changes. With that being said I did learn plenty. There were great moments and they will be used going forward. First we had to look at what is a good citizen and what is a good digital citizen before embarking into the whole world of digital citizenship.  I developed a video to represent how technology has impacted digital citizenship in the recent years. In my video it will show how students need to think before they post. This can make a lasting impression on their future.

Also, I reflected on my digital footprint and what it meant for my students future. Also, it made me think about how others such as technology has made so many brave to share their thoughts and feelings without thinking who might be involved. I posted about think before you share. Next, we discussed, read, and watched videos on how cyber bullying is affecting the youth of today. Also, how it is compared to real bullying. Does it carry on to the home environment after bullying in school happens. I then provided the resources I discovered while working throughout the course.

Capstone: Synthesis Digital Learning & Leading: My capstone course, it most definitely is with Dr. Thibodeaux once again. Of course this is one of my favorite courses. It makes me sad to think it is over. I am said to think my digital learning is over. I am said to think my challenges from this wonderful professor will be done. She has made me the great educator I feel like I have become. This course began with a COVA/CSLE reflection, it shows how I am not there yet. But, what I have learned from this program knowing your place is fine, as long as you know where you are headed. Next, was a reflection or update about our innovation project. When I reflected on this I finally spoke the truth. I believe I know where I need to head with myself and my program. Finally, my reflection video of why I am here, how I got here, what happened, lessons learned, and where I am going took many hours to put together. But, it also, helped me realize how hard I worked to get where I am at today.

I have appreciated all of my professors for helping me become who I am today. Without most of them I could not have developed into to this educator that I feel like I have became.

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