Who owns their E-Portfolio?

The person that owns their eP is the creator. Although, we have been asked to create the Eportfolio for this program, my eP is authentic to my learning, experience, and career. I would have never thought to do so in the past or in the future. I am sure I have heard of a portfolio but not a digital one other than social network portfolios that is on the web.

They have given me the student the choice to create the portfolio and how it would be represent me authentically. At the end of the program I will continue with my portfolio for the future of my career, students, reflection on my past and present learning. I am glad we have been given the choice to make this relateable to us. If not the information would be regurgitated and myself would not feel as if I was learning information to help me in my career.

After reading the material for this week I did notice that some have used these in the past for their students but, they have not gave their students the right to choose how they would like to create it. I like the fact we get to use this as authentically as we can.

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