E-Portfolio Implementation Outline

Building an E-Portfolio While Learning to Become a Respiratory Therapist

Proposal Outline

Instructor turnover, limited available hours, and assessing are all factors to consider when integrating E-portfolios. The purpose of my plan to integrate E-portfolios into the Respiratory Care Program is to help have a learning platform to reflect back on, build a resume, and use after graduation to help reflect on information they need to study for their boards. This outline is the first step leading to e-portfolio implementation into my program. With the addition of free resources available to my students I think this will allow them to reflect back on their learning in an authentic way.

This proposal involves multiple phases, at this moment I cannot predict the best time for implementation. The students will have a choice and voice when creating their portfolios.

Link to: Implementation Outline

21 thoughts on “E-Portfolio Implementation Outline

  1. Peer Review 1

    Jessica, I think your outline looks really impressive. Looks like you have put a lot of thought into this! I love that you are incorporating ePortfolios with your learners, and I think your idea to survey other educators to find what sites work best for them is a great way to become more informed in the way that those sites work. They are all a little different, and some really have a steeper learning curve! This sounds like it will really help you to narrow the field down to the tools that will work best for your learners! Great idea!
    One super minor thing… in your PDF, under the topic “Case Study Review,” it looks like the PDF cut off the end of higher (it looks like “high education” on my computer, but it could be something weird with my display.)

    Your outline looks great, though! I could see how the use of ePortfolios can fit into all disciplines, and am eager to see how your learners respond to this!



  2. Peer Review 2:
    Your layout looks very professional and doable! I really like how you will be talking with various people in your organization to get things going, it seems like it will on a very large scale! The only thing I think that might help is to add a goal date by each step, example: Stage One-Anticipated Completion 12/2018. Might help keep you on track and focused on it step by step.


  3. Peer Review 3: Jessica I like the detail you put into your outline. The description helped me understand exactly what and why you were trying to accomplish effective ePortfolios.

    My recommendations are as follows:
    – Maybe switch stage 4 and 5? I think it would be useful to reflect before presenting. This way you “know what you are talking about” and can have information to back it up.
    – I suggest trying to embed your pdf into WordPress. I just did with a Google Doc and I think it is much more visually appealing. Google helped me figure out how.
    – If you aren’t able to, have your link open in a new window so viewers aren’t taken away from your sight.

    Great work!


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