What do I think about Disruptive Innovation?

Disruptive innovation is nothing I have ever thought of till this point! When you think of disrupting something you think of bothering someone or doing something wrong. In this circumstance it is making a huge change in how we educate our students. When I think back to the videos I think about how they spoke about some of the students love to work from their desk at home or they are stay at home moms but still like that face to face contact. They feel rewarded by going to college even though they are at home with their little one. And, having the capabilty to learn from a live face-to-face lecture in their livingroom is shaking up the world that we live in.

We are so use to the usual, the normal, the standard of sitting in the classroom and listening to the teacher or professor lecture. That is what we grew up on. Now there are so many outlets out there to bring the classroom to you.  My campus has one health care discipline that provides satellite locations, online lectures, and weekend courses. My discipline has not took this on quiet yet. I see that their is a need for this and I have tried to implement more online resources this semester for the students to work on outside of class.

I like them being about to do things on their on that is readily available to them online then making them do busy work in the classroom. Where I can use that time to lecture on the topics that are the most important, show them the correct way to do things, as well as use that time for assessments. Since, doing this over the summer with them I seen a great change in their learning. Students like to have the option on how to work on their assignments outside of class I have learned.

When I think of blended learning I think of technology. I believe it is because technology has driven this force. If it wasn’t for the affordable apps, ipads, lap tops, or the Internet it would not be made possible. And technology is ever changing. But, they are right we need to focus on more of the education than the technology. We need to take the tools and use them for our audience.  I am still working on a way of implementing e-portfolios for my students to use them as resume’s or reference on what they learned throughout my program or for job interviews in the future. It has already been a crazy start and have been able to implement different things that I have learned over the last few months in our classes.

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