Apps to Help Engage My Learners

Over the last few weeks, I have began to develop my e-portfolio more in depth, organize it, and clean it up. Along with all of that time that has been spent I have reviewed many others in my class and past classes ePs that are related to different fields, careers, and levels of education.

Also, we were asked to create a group to have for feedback, guidance, and support.  My group has been a lifesaver to me through this last five weeks. I have learned so much from them. Although, we are all in different fields, and areas we have a common interest to teach and engage the adult learner. I am new to education and they have opened up my mind to many different phone apps and sites to help teach and engage my learners. I am excited to find a way to implement them this Fall. Below, you will see my five goals to help enhance my teaching techniques, engage my students, and guide them threw their learning process.

I believe with the start of this process it will help me become a better Digital Learning Leader. I look forward to my change with my new class next week.

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